Saturday, June 4, 2011


SHOWDOWN: Dancing Protesters to Face 

Gestapo at High Noon, Saturday June 4th.
June 4, 2011
After being violently body slammed and choked by police at the Jefferson Memorial for the crime of silently da
ncing to celebrate the First Amendment, Iraq war veteran Adam Kokesh and a group of protesters will repeat their actions at noon today to illustrate how freedom of speech in America is a bygone relic.
We’ll be watching developments closely to see the outcome.
Saturday June 4th Thomas Jefferson Memorial 12:pm – 1pm DANCE PARTY AT TJ’s. Make your voice heard and show off your dance moves at The Jefferson Memorial today. Straight from the Infowars Newsdesk, Alex Jones highlights incidents around the country that prove the 1st Amendment is under attack from federal, state, local police and private security goons.

GOP Establishment Attempting To Redistrict Ron 


Paul Out Of Office  

Steve Watson | “This is clearly a shot taken by the Republican establishment against the hero of the tea party,” Democratic operative Jeff Crosby says.

 France stands with Spain in 


Luke Rudkowski
We Are Change
June 2, 2011
Police attacking peaceful protesters world wild

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