Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Jesus was asked; Lord, when will you return to earth and what will the signs be at the end of the age? And his immediate response was, “pay special attention that no one deceives you”.  Mt 24  'What a response' to such a question. Do you suppose that at this time in history of such incredible deception, that his warning could have some meaning and bearing in our own current political situation?

Remember, the Jews, prior to WWII could have changed the course of history if they had stood up and confronted the tyranny before them before it gained such strength and momentum. But they sat back and hoped that their greatest fears would never visit them. It just wouldn’t happen if they were God’s chosen people. Right? Yet, it has become our way of existence as people that we seem so easily enticed to eagerly hand over our personal self-government and responsibility to others, including our politicians and government.

We handcuff ourselves with primitive, misused and misapplied passages of scripture like Romans 13, offering license to lawless politicians who effectively exploit these antiquated and dysfunctional manipulations of scripture while we congratulate ourselves for being such happy victims to lawlessness and treason. We condemn ourselves and our posterity to slavery and a loss of civil liberties when we permit our government to violate our laws and rob us of our wealth and property.

Our federal government has deliberately taken a path of violation - trespassing the Constitution and ignoring the very laws that define its purpose and existence, and as Americans and Christian citizens, it is our sacred duty and responsibility to put an end to this political incrementalism that purposes to overthrow all restraints to its power and control over the very citizens it is prescribed and required to serve.

These lawmaking Politicians, Federal Judges and the Executive branch are relying on their expectation that the people, and especially the Christians, will go to sleep and not hold them accountable. They lie and deceive the people by telling them exactly what they want to hear with no intention of ever fulfilling their empty promises. And what is especially sinister and must be stopped is the Political Party’s nominees who are pre-selected for the American people to vote upon. They must first be approved by the CFR and other secret societies who are bought and paid for by the Mega World banks and Giant corporations to follow their dictates. They have effectively robbed the people of a choice and our liberty is taking the hit. What choice is that?

 Let’s start with changing this picture while we can still do it peacefully, according to the Declaration of Independence and the Laws of this Land. One thing our politicians do understand is an informed electorate that demands accountability if they want to be voted into office.

Let’s start there by doing our homework outside of the government-public-schools-propaganda and mainstream news media’s who effectively are doing the dirty work of overthrowing our Constitutional Republic, of the People, by the People and For the People. We can do this one person at a time by being a positive difference. But we must first start by hearing, really hearing those same words of warning: pay attention that you be not deceived. Then lets begin networking with our fellow Americans and Christian citizens so that we can make a difference by holding our government officials accountable to the law and our Constitution.        Ed Greer

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